Quality Schools International is a large family of international schools with 37 schools in 31 countries. QSI encourages certified educators to apply for positions with QSI. Please note that QSI’s Employment Application is currently undergoing improvements. We encourage you to watch our website for the new and improved QSI Employment Application that will go live very soon. Once the Employment Application appears on QSI’s website we invite you to complete it. Below are instructions on how to show your interest in a position with QSI during this time period when the QSI Application is being upgraded.

If you are seeking MID-YEAR 2019-2020 EMPLOYMENT with QSI please read below:

QSI will post any mid-year 2019-2020 administrator, school counselor or teacher openings on this website. If an opening comes available for which you are qualified and interested, please email teach@qsi.org and include your CV.

If you are seeking EMPLOYMENT with QSI for the 2020-2021 school-year, please read below:

If you are interested in applying for a position with QSI in 2020-2021, please email teach@qsi.org and include your CV. QSI will post its 2020-2021 school-year openings on this website in early January 2020.  

If you would like to submit an application using the deprecated application form, please follow the link below.

Note: Information and uploaded files cannot be automatically transferred from the old application form into the new application form and you will need to complete a new application form once it is available.

To register for an account use the following link (http://legacy.qsi.org/register). After completing the registration process, you can access the deprecated application form using the following link (http://legacy.qsi.org/employment-application-form)