QSI Graduate Studies Program

In partnership with SUNY

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SemesterCohortModeCodeCourse TitleInstructorStart DateEnd Date
Fall18GeneralOnlineSPF 611Evaluation in EducationDr. Stallworth Oct Dec
Fall18LeadershipOnlineEDL 631Supervision of TeachingDr. Alderman Oct Dec
Spring 19GeneralOnlineEDT 603Instructional Design and Problem Solving with TechnologyDaniel M. Pardy Feb 11Apr 22 
Spring 19General*OnlineEDU 577Teaching Individuals with Exceptionalities in the Regular ClassroomDr. Elswick Feb 25 Apr 19
Spring 19LeadershipOnlineEDL 704Seminar in Educational ChangeDr. Joan Della Valle Feb 1 Mar 31
Summer 19GeneralSeatedEDU 534The Holistic Curriculum:  Teaching to Both Sides of the BrainMarilyn Hamot Ryan Jun 24Jun 28 
Summer 19GeneralSeatedCRS 509Introduction to the Gifted, Talented, and Creative LearnerMarilyn Hamot Ryan Jul 1Jul 5 
Summer 19LeadershipOnlineEDU 594Special Education LawDr. ElswickSummerSummer
Summer 19LeadershipOnlineEDU 594Federal and State Civil Rights and Education LawDr. ElswickSummer Summer
Fall 19GeneralOnlineSPF 500Multicultural EducationDr. HarbordOct 7Dec 6
Fall 19Leadership AOnlineEDL 607Site-based LeadershipSherrye DotsonOct 7Dec 6
Fall 19Leadership BOnlineEDL 631Supervision of Teaching   
Spring 20GeneralOnlineEDU 604Strategies for Effective TeachingDr. GuoFeb 3Apr 3 
Spring 20Leadership AOnlineEDL 630Curriculum Leadership   
Spring 20Leadership BOnlineEDL 704Seminar in Educational Change   
Summer 20GeneralSeatedCRS 559Principles of Creative Problem Solving   
Summer 20GeneralSeatedCRS 610Facilitation of Group Problem Solving   
Summer 20Leadership AOnlineEDL 606School/Community RelationsDr. YutzyJun 1Jul 12 
Summer 20Leadership BOnlineEDU 594Federal and State Civil Rights and School LawDr. ElswickJun 1Jul 12 
Summer 20Leadership BOnlineEDU 594Special Education LawDr. ElswickJun 1Jul 12 

*General Cohort course but required for admin credentials

Program Information:

Overview: Since 2012, QSI has partnered with SUNY Buffalo to provide professional development opportunities to QSI teachers while receiving graduate credit. The benefits of such a program include not only PD opportunities but also opportunities for teachers to fulfill re-certification requirements in an educational environment friendly to mastery teaching principles and other educational philosophies that make QSI a uniquely effective educational institution.

Mission: The mission of the program is to provide graduate-level professional development opportunities to QSI educators –whether they simply wish to grow professionally; to seek a higher degree; or to fulfill re-certification requirements– in an educational environment that stays true to the mission, philosophies, and beliefs held by all QSI schools.

Vision: After establishing the program and demonstrating its value, QSI now wishes to take the program further by providing theme-focused cohorts that specialize in popular areas of education, such as leadership, technology, assessment, etc.

General Cohort: The QSI Graduate Studies Program offers a variety of classes for which students receive graduate level credit through SUNY Buffalo. Typically, 4 classes are offered each calendar year for a total of 12 credit hours possible in a 12 month period. A normal schedule flows as follows:

  • Fall:  Online course for 3 credits
  • Spring:  Online course for 3 credits
  • Summer:  Two courses taught intensively in a classroom environment over the course of two weeks in Kyiv for a total of 6 credits.

The courses offered depend primarily on the demand of the students involved.

Leadership Cohort:  The purpose of the School Leadership Program is to provide the graduate coursework and support that will lead to state-issued leadership credentials. With these credentials, graduates of the program will possess both the theoretical foundation and proper licensing to pursue leadership positions at schools anywhere, including within QSI and outside of QSI.  A normal schedule flows as follows:

  • Fall:  Online course for 3 credits
  • Spring:  Online course for 3 credits
  • Summer:  Two courses taught intensively in a classroom environment over the course of two weeks in Kyiv for a total of 6 credits.


2018:  $600 per course (or $200 per credit hour)
2019:  $660 per course (or $220 per credit hour)
2020:  $735 per course (or $245 per credit hour)

For the summer courses in Kyiv, tuition fees cover the class only and do not include housing, meals, flights, etc. However, affordable options are available in Kyiv.

Register:  You can begin the process here.  Afterwards, be sure to enroll with SUNY Buffalo.  See the FAQs page for more information.

Contact Information: All questions regarding the QSI Graduate Studies Program should be directed to Dr. Mitch Elswick at gradstudies@qsi.org.

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